Membership Application Kit

This Kit features all necessary documents for institutions wishing to submit an application for membership in the EMCI Consortium:

Please submit all documents, both in the original language and in English, including the Check List, to the EMCI Consortium coordinating institution, ELTE University, Budapest:

The EMCI will acknowledge receipt of the application and either indicate that further documentation is needed or confirm that all required documents and information have been supplied. The applicant institution will then be informed that the official application procedure will be launched upon receipt of the application fee (500 €) in the EMCI account. Costs for the application procedure (e.g. site visits) are to be borne by the applicant. Each applicant may expect two visits: one EMCI assessor will attend classes during the year, the second will attend the final exams. The costs of these visits include travel expenses (economy flight, train, II class), hotel expenses for two nights and two per diems. In case of doubt there may be an additional visit.