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New Book by Malgorzata Tryuk

Małgorzata Tryuk, On Ethics and Interpreters, Frankfurt a/Main: Peter Lang.  ISBN 978-3-631-65869

The history of translation and interpreting is above all the history of men, women and sometimes children, who became translators and intrepreters. It is the history of why and how they chose that job, how it affected their lives and work and how they carried out the tasks of translating and interpreting. The book presents the lives, loyalties and indentities of interpreters who, either by choice or by force had to work during wartime, in armed conflict zones, at the trials of war criminals after World War II and in nazi concentration camps.

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Young Translators and Interpreters in an Europe of Post-Communication - Conference in Cluj

The Department of Applied Modern Languages, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, in partnership with The Centre for Language Industries (CLI) invites participation in the international annual conference on translation and conference interpreting. The event marks the commencement of the academic year for the Department’s European Masters in Translation (METT) and European Masters in Conference Interpreting (MEIC).
Tuning in to the spirit of Cluj-Napoca - European Youth Capital 2015, the conference seeks to integrate translation and interpretation education at BBU into the wider debate launched under TRADUIRE L’EUROPE 2015. Thus, this forthcoming edition – the 15th—to take place on 16th October 2015, will explore the theme of Young Translators and Interpreters in an Europe of Post-Communication.

For details, please see the attached Call for participation.

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