EMCI 20th Anniversary – EMCI Projects Committee

The European Masters in Conference Interpreting is a network of post-graduate conference interpreter-training programmes of higher education Institutions. To celebrate its 20th Anniversary, a series of videos was planned for 2021 which, unfortunately, had to be delayed owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.
We are now happy at last to have the opportunity to celebrate the EMCI Anniversary with a collection of 19 videos. Two videos — one by the EMCI Projects Committee and a commemorative video of a leading Interpreter of the EU-Institutions present at the birth of the EMCI network — recap the history of the EMCI. Two texts give further details.
The Directorate-General of the European Parliament, DG LINC, and of the European Commission, DG SCIC, which have been accompanying the evolution, birth and development of the EMCI since the 1990s have each prepared a video to celebrate the occasion.
The remaining videos by the 15 EMCI member universities describe the role played by the EMCI in the development of their programmes.
The collection is completed by a video with Sir Peter Ustinov, addressing multilingualism and first prepared for the Round Table discussion at the European Parliament held to mark the European Year of Languages on the same day as the inauguration of the EMCI Consortium in May 2001.

PDF iconEMCI Past, Present and Future_EMCI Projects Committee.pdf
PDF iconEMCI 20th Anniversary - Historical background of the EMCI Consortium by Patrick Twidle.pdf

  • 1. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Introduction: Past, Present and Future – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 2. EMCI 20th Anniversary – DG LINC European Parliament– EMCI Projects Committee
  • 3. EMCI 20th Anniversary – DG SCIC European Commission – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 4. EMCI 20th Anniversary - A View from the Past - EMCI Projects Committee
  • 5. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Brussels, KU leuven – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 6. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Budapest, ELTE University – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 7. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Cluj-Napoca, Universitatea Babes-Bolyai – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 8. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Forlì, Universita di Bologna – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 9. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Geneva, FTI – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 10. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Istambul, Boğaziçi University – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 11. EMCI 20th Anniversary – La Laguna, Universidad de La laguna – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 12. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Ljubljana, Univerza v Ljubljani – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 13. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Madrid, Universidad Pontificia Comillas – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 14. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Paris, ESIT Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 15. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Paris, ISIT Institut de Management et Communication Interculturels – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 16. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Praha, Univerzita Karlova – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 17. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Stockholms Universitet - TÖI – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 18. EMCI 20th Anniversary – SSLMIT Università di Trieste – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 19. EMCI 20th Anniversary – Warszawa, Uniwersytet Warszawski – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 20. The Power of Babel Sir Peter Ustinov May 2001 (Part 1) – EMCI Projects Committee
  • 21. The Power of Babel Sir Peter Ustinov May 2001 (Part 2) – EMCI Projects Committee