Training of Trainers workshop on Self-study

Budapest, February 2-3, 2017

The EMCI’s work program for the academic year 2016-17 included the organisation of a workshop for less experienced trainers of interpreters on the subject of self-study. The workshop was organised by ELTE University, Budapest, and it was co-moderated by Ms. Ildiko Horvath (ELTE), Ms. Beate Brehm (DG INTE), Ms. Manuela Motta (University University) and Mr. Paolo Torrigiani (DG SCIC). Representative from fifteen Universities attended the workshop.

Given the interactive nature of the workshops, it was impossible to video-record the event. The documents that guided the workshops are made available for future reference (courtesy of the moderators, whom we thank wholeheartedly).


Thursday 2 February, 2017


Plenary session: Opening.

Presentation of participants and trainers, aims, expectations, schedule (Ildikó Horváth)


Plenary discussion

Presentation of the results of the questionnaires answered by the universities (Ildikó Horváth, Manuela Motta)

11h00-11h30 Coffe Break

Group work session 1 (3 groups)

What is in fact self-study? (Paolo Torrigiani, Beate Brehm, Manuela Motta)


Plenary session

Presentation of the groups’ conclusions and discussion (Paolo Torrigiani)

Lunch Break  

Group work session 2 (4 groups)

Organizing self-study (Paolo Torrigiani, Beate Brehm, Manuela Motta)

16h00-16h30 Coffee Break

Plenary debriefing

Presentations and discussion (Beate Brehm)


Recording for Speech repository 2.0


Friday 3 February, 2017


Group work session 3 (4 groups)

Providing feedback (Paolo Torrigiani, Beate Brehm, Manuela Motta)


Plenary session

Presentations and discussion, recommendations (Manuela Motta)


Coffee break


Plenary session continued (Manuela Motta)

Lunch Break  
14h00-16h30 Recording for Speech repository 2.0



  1. Training of Trainers - Workshop programme
  2. Topics to be discussed
  3. Pre-questionnaire results on self-study
  4. Self-study presentation
  5. General context for all group sessions
  6. Instructions for group work session 1: February 2, 11.30 to 12.15
  7. Instructions for group work session 2: February 2, 14.45 to 16.00
  8. Instructions for group work session 3: February 3, 9.00 to 9.45
  9. Report of all group work sessions