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1. The Way Life Goes

2. The Way Life Goes

3. The Way Life Goes

4. The Way Life Goes

who we are ?

We are a consortium of European universities providing conference interpreting training at advanced (postgraduate) level in collaboration with the DG SCIC – European Commission and the DG LINC – European Parliament You will find information on the Core Curriculumadmissions procedures, as well as pedagogical resources and further information on the consortium which will be of interest to students, institutions of higher education in the process of setting up new interpreting training programmes, and to employers of conference interpreters.

Within the framework of the European Union’s drive towards the promotion of knowledge through wider access to specialist education and of the objective of improved employability through the acquisition of specialist competence, this programme is designed to equip young graduates with the professional skills and knowledge required for conference interpreting. It seeks to meet the demand for highly-qualified conference interpreters, in the area of both widely and the less widely-used and less-taught languages and in view of the expansion of the Union and of the Union’s increasing dialogue with its non-European partners. The curriculum was developed in consultation with the European Institutions and continuation of this cooperation is an integral part of the programme.

In developing the programme, the participating institutions combined their individual expertise, and it is their aim to optimise their use of resources through transnational cooperation in the delivery of the programme.

In order to honour their commitment to quality maintenance as laid down in the EMCI Quality Assurance Standards, the participating institutions shall regularly review changing needs and new developments and permanently update the programme. The Programme shall make use of new technologies where appropriate and shall contribute to the dissemination of their application.

The member institutions shall pursue a common policy on student recruitment and assessment, based on the Aims of the Programme and on the Quality Assurance criteria, as laid down in the Quality Assurance Standards, which underpin the Core Curriculum. The participants aim to contribute to spreading good practice across Europe.

(art. 1 of the EMCI Core Curriculum, Aims of the Programme)