Theory of interpreting

Distance learning modules 


The EMCI Core Curriculum (art. 2.1) states that “Students shall be made aware of the distinctions between translation and interpretation; theoretical aspects of interpretation; aspects of research findings in disciplines that have a bearing on interpretation, for example, the language and cognitive sciences.”

Given the unique composition of the EMCI consortium, spanning different research traditions in interpreting, the EMCI working group on distance learning decided to put together a series of distance learning modules under the general heading of Theory of Interpretation. The module sequence represents work in progress, additional modules will be added under this and other headings as they become available. We therefore recommend that you check back regularly for updates.

These modules are designed to complement course offerings on the Theory of Interpreting in the EMCI consortium institutions. While the content of some modules may be accessible through other media (such as print media), some modules are unique in that they offer content that many interpreting students might find difficult to access due to language barriers. However, in order to promote less widely used languages, we are also offering some modules both in a less widely used and a widely used language.

The EMCI does not subscribe to any particular school of thought with regard to research in interpreting, but rather reflects the diversity of its member institutions and aims to promote understanding across the different research traditions.

Part.1 - New set of recordings started in 2013.