The EMCI celebrates its 20th Anniversary


With this series of videos, we are celebrating the 20th or rather the 21st anniversary of the founding of the Consortium of European Masters in Conference Interpreting (EMCI), a network of post-graduate interpreter training programmes. The production of these videos had to be delayed owing to the Covid-10 pandemic. We are now happy to share with you this collection which highlights how the EMCI came into being, how it has evolved, what it has achieved and what is to be expected for the future of conference interpreter training. Linked to this introduction, you will be able to watch videos by the European Parliament and the European Commission as well as by the 15 EMCI member universities explaining the role played by the EMCI to train the next generation of first-rate conference interpreters the European institutions need and require.

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About us

This website provides information on conference interpreting training at advanced (postgraduate) level provided by a consortium of European universities in collaboration with the DG SCIC - European Commission and the DG LINC - European Parliament. You will find information on the Core Curriculum, admissions procedures, as well as pedagogical resources and further information on the consortium which will be of interest to students, institutions of higher education in the process of setting up new interpreting training programmes, and to employers of conference interpreters.

The EMCI programme is designed for students with European and non-European languages. The member institutions pursue a common policy on student recruitment and assessment and are committed to quality maintenance and regular reviews of the programme to adapt to changing needs and new developments. If you wish to become a student in an EMCI member university, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions.

 The EMCI Consortium underwent a complete reform in 2011-12 and became the EMCI Consortium II. Current members are listed on this home page and committee members are listed on the Members' page. To learn more about the history of the Consortium, please consult the Preamble to the Core Curriculum. To learn more about the new Consortium, please consult the Statutes.


co-funded by EU The project activities carried out by the EMCI Consortium during the 2022-2023 academic year are financially supported by DG LINC – European Parliament (Grant Agreement EP 05/2022-2023). ISIT is the coordinating university.
The project activities have been previously supported by the following grants: SCIC.B.1(2021)6054669, EP 02-2020-2021, EP 06-2019-2020, EC10-2018-2019-SCIC.B.1(2018)4733309, EP 04-2017/2018, EC 06/2016-2017, EP 05/2015-2016, EC 09/2014-2015, EP 08/2013-2014.