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Written publications

The written publication ssection contains different types of written material such as articles, links to e-books and publications on the subject of the practise and theory of interpreting and interpreter training.


             “Interpreting Through History” (RIELMA, special issue, 2017)

     Professional ethics in interpreter training by Roderick Jones

                           Assessing Presentation Skills by Inge Baaring

                                     Assessment user groups by Jana Rejskova

        EMCI-Teaching Simultaneous Into B-vol.01

        EMCI-Teaching Simultaneous Into B-vol.02

                    Evaluation en cours de formation by Malgorzata Tryuk

                                     Peer Assessment Sheets by Christine Adams

           Program Graz Assessment Seminar (avril 5-6, 2008)

                    Assessment Sheet SI Assessment for simultaneous interpreting

                    Student ability assess performance by Izabella Badiu

                            Introduction to simultaneous by Roderick Jones