Student Meetings

EMCI Students Brussels 2022

The EMCI Annual Student Meeting is a project conceived by the University of Trieste – SSLMIT, in 2017. Students from EMCI member universities are hosted for two or more days on the premises of one of the faculties where booths for simultaneous and classrooms for consecutive interpreting are made available. The EMCI students at the host faculty are in charge of organising the event. During the meeting they interpret speeches delivered by native speakers from member universities. Students interpret in practice groups, providing each other with peer feedback and sharing best practices.

This is an exceptional opportunity for our students to forge professional relationships and develop networks as well as to try themselves out in a really international, professional environment.

Student Meetings


  • Forlì, 24-27 January 2023

    55 students from nine universities were hosted in Forlì (University of Bologna) for the fifth EMCI Student Meeting.
  • Brussels, 29 March - 1 April 2022

    More than 100 students of the EMCI program gathered in Brussels to practice simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. The Fourth Student Meeting was hosted by KU Leuven in the heart of European democracy.
  • Plugged in (La Laguna University), 21-23 April 2021

    III EMCI Student Meeting - Plugged in: 21-23 April 2021, online. The mock conferences will help almost 100 students to practice simultaneous interpreting with their peers from partner universities.
  • Prague, 24-28 April 2019

    Second EMCI Student Annual Meeting: 24-28 April 2019, Prague (“Spring intensive interpreting school”) with 52 students from twelve EMCI universities.
  • Trieste, 5-7 April 2018

    1st EMCI Student Meeting, April 2018, Trieste with 34 students from nine universities.